Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Learning about eduClipper

Mr. Catlett introducing eduClipper
eduClipper is up and running in my classroom!  Brent Catlett stopped by and helped my students set up their eduClipper app!  They were able to create an avatar, clipboards, share a Popplet they created, and re-clip others' images, sites, and work.  This will be an excellent way for students to create, clip, and share work in a digital portfolio that will follow them throughout their educational years.  Students also came to the realization that they will be able to access eduClipper from home, which is a great way to include parents in on what we are learning about in the classroom as well as continue learning from home!  

Going to share their Wyoming
 Popplet on eduClipper!
My students were using their free time to create clipboards and re-clip items they have found.  This will be a great way for students to see what other students in other classrooms are creating!   How powerful for students to receive comments and have their items re-clipped by other students! 

I was able to add a Social Studies website that will give my kids some guidance as to how to search and find accurate information.   I plan to upload some educational videos as well as videos where I am teaching/explaining a concept, other websites, and have the students start to create portfolios.  There is even the option to provide feedback in the form of typing/comment, voice, or a video!  Very powerful for students to receive feedback about the work they are creating.  As with other apps we have been using, they are able to annotate over items!  Mr. Catlett and I are interested in seeing if the work students are creating in various apps will be able to be shared through eduClipper! There are so many ideas that Brent Catlett and I want to explore with this app!   I definitely recommend checking out eduClipper!  

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  1. Sounds like a great day of learning! I learned all about the educlipper app at FETC last week from Adam Bellow (@adambellow). I am glad you guys were able to give it a try today and found it so easy to use. Great post! Thanks for sharing!