Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mystery Hangout

Mappers working hard to eliminate
states and find the mystery state!
Today we participated in our first Mystery Hangout with a 4th grade class from Colorado!  It was perfect timing, because we are currently studying the Western Region of the United States.  The kids did a great job of asking close ended questions.  They used various landforms and rivers that we have learned about in Social Studies to narrow down where the mystery state was.  We had a great discussion about quality questions and what type of questions are most beneficial to ask during hangouts (great teachable moment). Very excited to participate in another hangout with classrooms from all over the United States and possibly the world.  What an amazing experience for kids to see and hear from students in other places!  Definitely helped my students make a connection with what we are learning about in Social Studies and the REAL WORLD! 

Check out the blog posts the kids created about our hangout!  
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  1. Another great post. Nothing makes learning come to life more than when students can have a real life experience. What a fun way to learn more about the Western United States, practice questioning skills, and meet new people. Thanks for sharing.