Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Possibilities are Endless

Mr. Catlett (@catlett1) and I introduced the app, eduClipper (@educlipper), awhile back in my classroom.  Since then, my students have created projects with the concepts we have been working on in class.  Then they clip those projects in eduClipper to share with other students and educators.  It has been a great way for them to showcase their hard work and learning.  In the future, I hope to have my students create portfolios of their work!  

Knowing what is possible with eduClipper, I have tweeted the links to students' projects on eduClipper.  My students have also shared their thoughts about eduClipper within their blog posts (! Adam Bellow (@adambellow), the creator of eduClipper, was kind enough to leave comments for some of my students!  They were so shocked and couldn't believe he read their posts!  In our classroom, he is basically a celebrity! Ever since then, they have had several questions for him, one being, "How did he come up with the idea for the app and how did he create it?"

Well today my 4th grade class had the privilege of being a part of a Google Hangout with eduClipper's creator, Adam Bellow, as well as Mrs. Boyce, Mr. Sims, Mrs. Geldes, Mrs. Evon, and Mr. Toelle (1:1 iPad Classrooms)! All thanks to Brent Catlett and his efforts to set up this once in a lifetime opportunity for our students!

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions as they learned more about eduClipper!  The kids were able to see and talk to Mr. Bellow.  He was very inspiring and talked about very important skills that we want to instill in all of our students.  Teamwork, hard work, cooperation, collaboration, perseverance, and patience were some of the topics Mr. Bellow talked about as he described what it takes to create an app!

Mr. Bellow also talked about the first time he coded, which was in third grade.  The kids were blown away by this, because some of them have already learned how to code!  I think it opened their eyes as to what they could do in the future!  They were starting to realize that creating an app is something that they could possibly do!

The students were also blown away when Mr. Bellow wrote down a suggestion that they had for his developers!  Their mouths dropped open and you could hear gasps around the classroom!  Their suggestion was being taken into consideration for an update with the eduClipper app!

A huge thank you to Brent Catlett and Mr. Bellow for taking the time to set up and be a part of the hangout!  It was such a powerful learning experience for all of our students!  Students are excited and curious about learning and creating, knowing that the possibilities are endless if you work hard, have patience, and collaborate!  INSPIRING day for all students as well as the teachers involved!

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  1. Amazing post Jenn! Thank you for mentioning me! I appreciate your kind words! You seriously captured this Google Hangout with Adam so well! I was seeing and hearing the same things in Michelle's classroom at Fairview! Thank you for writing this post! Awesome stuff!