Monday, January 27, 2014

First FULL iPad Day!

As I tried to map out how I wanted to start implementing the iPads, I thought it would be easiest to start with one-two subject areas and then focus on one work flow app.  This week my area of focus is Math and Reading and we are becoming experts with the app Explain Everything.  

As I reflect upon my first day, I thought it would be fun to start with my successes and end with my struggles and/or "lightbulb" iPad moments!

Successes with the iPads and Learning:

Explain Everything

Math (Fractions): Today we used Explain Everything to explain and show how to compare fractions with unlike denominators.  They recorded their work and shared with a partner.   I like how I can hear the students explain how they solve each problem.  It helps me know who needs to be challenged and who needs extra support.  Then we used the Reflector app to showcase students' work.  This was a great way for students to teach the class as well as take ownership of the work they had worked hard to create.  

Reading (Vocabulary):

Students are using the Explain Everything app to create vocabulary journals!  They will use the vocabulary word, find the definition, create a meaningful sentence, and add a picture to help explain each vocabulary word.  Then they will record their voices explaining all of the vocabulary words.  A partner will then listen to the Explain Everything vocabulary journal they created. 


I figured out how to download educational apps on my students' iPads today!  I added Spelling City, Doceri, Super 7, 5 Dice, Penguin Math, and Virtual Manipulatives.  I am excited to see what other educational work flow apps and educational apps I can find to support my students' learning!

"Lightbulb" iPad Moments Today

 We encountered some difficulties today, but with the help of my 19 teachers, we were able to move forward and learn from the difficulties we encountered!  I am so thankful that I have 19 students that are willing to come to the rescue when we encounter difficulties!

One issue we came across was using the reflector app.  In order for students to be able to showcase their work through the use of the reflector app, ALL teacher devices must be on the STUDENT NETWORK!  It was actually pretty easy to go back and forth (thought this would be difficult and time consuming).  Crazy how something so simple can cause a moment of chaos!  Other than that moment, today went pretty good.

Favorite iPad Moments:
 Throughout the entire day, students were helping each other by answering questions and showing each other the ins and outs of Explain Everything.  As I looked around the room, I was amazed as to how much kindness I saw.  So many students becoming teachers and finding new things within the Explain Everything app to teach the class!  I am loving every minute of watching my students teach and have patience for one another as we continue our journey with the iPads.  

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  1. Jenn, What a great experience. I understand the desire to just jump in and have the day be iPad driven. I want that too! It is difficult to take it one thing at a time. No two days have been the same since we introduced these gifts of learning to the class! I love it!!