Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ideas, Ideas, IDEAS!!!

Today I introduced Notability, Popplet, and gClass Folders!  We used and will continue to use Notability in Math this week.  The kids learned how to access a doc from their drive and then open it in Notability.  From there we learned the ins and outs of that app.  So many of the kids took on leadership roles in showing all of us how to zoom, change colors/tools, and much more!  After they explored the app, I showed them how to turn in their assignment in the folder that was created for them using gClass Folders (Thanks Ann Feldmann)!  It is a great way for kids to be able to electronically turn in their work!
Using the whiteboard app to find common denominators as they played Fraction War!

Coach Cat came and joined our class in the afternoon!  He taught the kids how to create a Popplet!  I had made Keynotes to teach the kids about various states in the Western region and they fill out packets as I teach.  Today, they were able to use Google/Safari and Popplet to find information about the state of Wyoming!  One of my kids said, "So we are doing this instead of filling out the packet?" I said, "YEP!"  There were a lot of smiles and a lot of positive comments!

I also had time to collab with Coach Cat about various apps and how to implement the iPads in other areas of the curriculum.  He shared the great idea of creating Podcasts!  The kids would be creating Podcasts about various concepts within the curriculum.  They would be able to subscribe to these and listen to them from home!  It would be great way for struggling learners to be able to listen to a Podcast about a concept they are struggling with and include their parents in on the mini lesson as well!  Coach Cat also had the idea that other 4th grade classrooms in and out of the district could subscribe to our Podcasts as well!

Great quality time spent with Coach Cat today as we were able to discuss and develop a plan as to how we want to incorporate the iPads into the classroom in a completely different way than I could have ever imagined!  Very excited to see where this idea leads us and what we are able to learn from it! Thanks for a great collab session and for pushing me to think outside of the box Coach Cat!

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  1. It was a great meeting of the minds eh? I always enjoy collaborating with awesome educators like you! It will definitely be fun to explore the podcasts idea and see where it takes us and maybe others!
    The kids did a great job getting started with Popplet and their Wyoming research! Love how the paper savings can now begin in your classroom and the best part of that is actually the engagement level going up because they are doing the same thing in essence that they would have always done, but now on an iPad!
    Keep up the great work Jenn!