Friday, January 24, 2014

Why do we have to wait ANOTHER week?

As I geared up for a week of introducing the iPads over our 3 day break, I didn't realize that I was going to be sick for most of it!  I finally made it back to school Friday and the kids were ecstatic!  Yes of course they missed me, but more importantly they knew the iPads would be there.  To their surprise, they weren't there and when I said I wasn't sure if they were ready, they were pretty disappointed.  What they didn't know is that Coach Cat and I were planning to surprise them after specials.

As Brent came to my room he told me that the kids saw him with the iPad box, but he didn't say a word to them.  As I went to get them from specials, Brent left my room with the iPads.  The kids were so excited, but when I told them the box was actually for another class they weren't too happy.  Then to add more unhappiness I had said they weren't going to be ready for another WEEK! Thankfully this wasn't the truth, because it would have been a pretty miserable Friday in my classroom.  They were pretty bummed and upset!

Shortly after we arrived in my room, I had them go about their normal routine and then Brent popped in with...THE BOX!  The kids screamed, jumped and hugged!  Yes it was pretty funny to play a little joke on the kids and they were such troopers about it all!

Coach Cat took over and taught the kids the "ins and outs" of the iPads!  It was awesome!  I learned right along with them!  I thought I knew most of the "ins and outs" of the iPads, but that wasn't really the case! The kids learned about various settings, copy and pasting, changing the background, how to app smash, swiping between apps, searching for apps, how to save and take pictures, expectations, and much more.  One of my favorite moments was watching the kids become teachers and how kind and patient they were in helping others figure out the iPads.  So many great moments in my classroom today!

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